Why Consider Living Condolence Gifts

Giving your condolences can be hard. However, it is one of the best things you can do for those in need, especially if you can’t be there with them. Condolence gifts are an appropriate thing to give that will show the receiver that you are sorry for their loss.

Some of them can even be replanted at the gravesite or taken home as a reminder of you and your thoughtfulness. In a sense, it is a living memory of the deceased or a memory that you cared during this time. While a living gift, such as flowers or plants, are always welcome, you may also find fruit and candy baskets, which are perfect for times when they don’t want to cook but want a little something to nibble.

When choosing condolence gifts, it’s essential that you find a company with variety. Think about the recipient and what types of things they like. If you don’t know them but knew the person who passed away, consider a peace lily, as they are popular and easy to care for by the recipient. It’s also important that the company that designs and ships the flowers guarantee freshness. You wouldn’t like to receive wilted flowers or give them as a gift, either.

At Love Our Work, their name says everything. They enjoy what they do, which is create beautiful arrangements for celebrations, sympathy, and everything in between. Their website is easy to navigate, so you can find what you need quickly. They can even provide same-day shipping if you order early enough, meaning the gift can be on its way to the recipient and may even reach them that day, depending on where they live. Condolence gifts are the perfect way to say you’re sorry for their loss.