General Purpose Spill Kits – The Key to Controlling & Cleaning Spills

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Environmental Consultant

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Oil spillage can lead to a variety of problems. When you notice that spillage has occurred, it is imperative that you work fast to control the damage it causes and clean it up safely and efficiently. Oil in the water can lead to dead animals and fish, as well as pollution of the water and other problems. Likewise, it can be messy and could result in bad publicity. Therefore, it’s best to have the appropriate tools on hand to make sure it’s cleaned up fast. General purpose spill kits, available at EcoSpill, can be one of the best things you purchase for your facility.


There are three types of spillage kits, including general-purpose or universal. While you’ll find oil-only versions, a general-purpose kit may be more suitable. They can be used for just about any spill you have at the facility. You can buy one product, and it will work for many fluids and situations.

What You Get

Your kit should include a premium absorbent that will absorb the absorbed liquids, which means that the material doesn’t leach, drip or separate. You’ll have plenty of Land Socks to contain the perimeter and absorbent mats or pads to help absorb the liquid faster. You will also get gloves, disposal bags, and instructions for use.


The person or company you choose to supply your general purpose spill kits are just as important as the kit itself. You want someone who can provide certification and training, as it’s essential that you know what to do in the situation. Likewise, they should visit the site regularly to restock and check your kits on a schedule that fits your needs.

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