Marquee Weights – Providing A Convenient And Easy Way For Shelter

It seems that everyone wants to have outdoor parties right now because they’re fun and have a sense of “just dropping by.” Guests will likely enjoy themselves, but it’s important to plan for any eventuality, including inclement weather. Therefore, a marquee may be an important aspect of your event. It offers an easy way to find shelter in a pinch, and it’s convenient, as well. Guests will feel more comfortable because they have a place to go out of the rain or sun.

What Are Weights?

Marquees shouldn’t just pop up and be available. They must be weighted down properly, so they don’t blow away in the wind. Some marquees are designed to be tied down and require installation. These are an excellent option for those who have already planned to have marquees as part of the venue. However, if you want to hire a pop-up marquee in case of inclement weather, it’s important to ensure that you have the weights available to keep them on the ground and keep your guests safe.

Why They’re Needed

When you decide to have a pop-up marquee, you may do so because you can’t use ground stakes. Many venues and homeowners would prefer that holes are not created for one party, so they don’t want ground stakes to be used. Therefore, you can choose leg weights instead, which will keep the marquee standing on concrete or in areas where stakes can’t/don’t want to be used.

Reasons To Consider

Primarily, people prefer pop-up marquees with weights because they’re more mobile and can be set up quickly, easily, and nearly everywhere.

Other Accessories

Along with the marquee weights, which are required, you can also find a variety of other options, including rain gutters, brackets and hanging hooks.

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