Aluminium Screen Doors: Benefits Of Installation

by | Apr 1, 2019 | Fence Contractor

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If you’re looking for something to keep out the bugs and add a touch of sophistication and security, aluminium screen doors are an excellent choice for you. They reduce your energy consumption throughout the day because you can leave the door open and attract the breeze.

This also means that you can turn off the air conditioning and the lights, especially on sunny, breezy days. If you choose security screen window coverings, you can also leave the windows open and create a breezy space that is more comfortable regardless of the weather.

Aluminium screen doors also keep insects out of your home. It’s aggravating to open the doors and windows and find that the flies, bees, and mosquitoes all come inside hoping to get something to eat. It almost makes you leave the house closed up because you don’t want to be swatting insects all day while you try to relax. With the screen door, you don’t have to worry; you can keep it shut and prevent insects from getting inside and still invite the breeze. Plus, these screen doors are also durable enough to keep out intruders. If you keep the door locked, thieves can’t get inside to steal your possessions or harm your family.

CommandeX offers Xceed aluminium screen doors (and windows), which are made using perforated aluminium sheets and come with an aluminium frame. The fixing method is patented and ensures that the screen door cannot be easily removed from the frame. The perforated aluminium is cost-effective and still meets Australian Standards, as long as the three-point locking mechanism is included (which is available and optional). While the aluminium is thinner, it’s also very strong. You get see-through visibility and protection from insects and other intruders who might want to steal your things or make a mess in your home.

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