Backyard Extra Room – New Ideas For Your Backyard Landscaping Project

by | Jun 28, 2016 | Home & Garden Decor

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Some people have the good fortune to own and live in a house that has all the space that they feel they need. But, circumstances and household members can change and, one way or another, the house that was once ideal seems no longer quite big enough. Selling up and moving on to something bigger is a solution but it may not always be practical or acceptable to those involved.

Adding On Extra Rooms

If you don’t have enough space, then, build some more. As obvious as this may sound, it can also be an impractical or even undesirable option. Local building regulations, cost factors or personal taste can all be reasons for not extending the size of your current home. But, if you really do need that additional space, what viable options remain open to you?

How About Your Backyard?

If you own a landed property and have a sufficiently large garden space around it, you may well be able to obtain the extra room(s) that you need by placing them in your backyard separate from the main house. Planning permissions and other local regulations will probably come into play if you attempt to build something more like a mini-house in your backyard but, generally speaking, something along the lines of assembling a prefabricated structure will attract less bureaucratic obstruction. An area of 20 square metres and no higher than 3 metres does not normally require the approval of your local council.

This Is Not A Mere Garden Shed

Whatever it is that you want to do with or in this backyard extra room, you are going to want it to be comfortable, stylish and functional. It should also fit in well with your existing garden or, alternatively, you may decide to take this opportunity to replan your entire backyard landscape?

The old style lean to or basic ‘A’ frame shed has been replaced by an amazing selection of cabin, chalet or villa designs. These can contain one or several rooms plus a verandah and be fully wired for power supply and fitted out with plumbing for both water supply and drainage/sewerage requirements. Everything you might need for a hobby room, home studio/office, teenage retreat or “granny flat” can come within the scope of your new backyard room(s).

Are you thinking of having a Backyard Extra Room – with New Ideas For Your Backyard Landscaping Project? A good source of inspiration would be to contact the experts at Greenwood Homes & Granny Flats.

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