Why You Should Choose A Qualified Migration Agent

While Australia does not require you to have a registered visa service provider, it is in your best interest to do so. It’s usually better to hire someone who’s qualified and has the experience and knowledge to help you. Your visa application is going to be complex and different, and you’ll have a hard time if you go it alone. Therefore, a qualified migration agent from LIVV Immigration can be an excellent investment.

The Process

When you decide to obtain an Australian visa, there are many steps involved, and it is easy to make a careless or unknown error. Likewise, you may delay your visa if you make these mistakes and may have to pay more to get things corrected. Plus, the information you provide is what will help them determine if you’re eligible and if things are incorrect, you could be denied inadvertently.

Migration Agents Regulatory Authority

Australia regulated the industry of migration agents and has done so for years. The official body is called the MARA (Migration Agents Regulatory Authority). They come up with all the regulations and rules for visa passes and will update them as they see fit. They’ve also moved to remove self-regulation in their field, which helps people who genuinely want to work or want another form of visa for Australia.

The goal is to choose a qualified migration agent who understands the rules and regulations that MARA produces each year. They should follow up with all updates, and be current with their knowledge, so as to offer you the best possible chance.

If they’re part of MARA, these agents will abide by a code of conduct. If they don’t, they could be de-registered. By choosing carefully you will have the most qualified and appropriate person in charge of your visa application, and the best possible odds of success.