Why Choose Woy Woy Dental Implants

Most people believe that their teeth are designed to last forever, and while that may be the case, your teeth nevertheless need maintenance and care.

If you are in an accident or have a facial injury, you may knock out a tooth. In some cases, it can be put back in if it’s caught in time. You may also neglect oral health, such as flossing or brushing. In these cases, you may lose teeth because of it. Similarly, you may notice that your teeth require a lot of fillings or even a root canal. You may choose to have them extracted rather than pay for the care to get them fixed. In all cases, you may find that a lost tooth can cause a lot of problems, both cosmetic and physical. Woy Woy dental implants could be the answer you seek.

Woy Woy dental implants use titanium as a faux tooth root, which means your jaw bone won’t deteriorate. While this is a physical benefit, you may also notice that you don’t get that sunken appearance that comes when you lose bone in the jaw, which is also cosmetic. If the missing tooth is in the front of the mouth, you may find the gap to be embarrassing when talking or laughing. An implant will prevent that because a cap/crown is placed over the titanium root to give the appearance of a full smile.

At Coastal Dental, they always focus on your needs and desires. While they want you to have a healthy mouth, they realize that many patients want to look and feel good about themselves. Their cosmetic procedures ensure that you always feel your best so that you can conquer the day. Woy Woy dental implants are an excellent alternative to dentures and bridges.