Finding Stylish And Elegant Marquee Hire Options For Your Party

Whether you’re a professional event organiser or an individual who likes to have parties at the home, you may decide on a marquee venue for your special occasion. Marquees allow people to celebrate and enjoy themselves in the beauty of nature without worrying about the unreliable weather in your area. Some marquees are made with gutter systems to prevent water issues from ruining the party, so you can effectively have a party any time of the year when using marquee hire.


The two most popular shapes for marquees include Clearspan and pagoda. The pagoda version uses a modern peak shape on the roof and is designed to be stylish and fashionable, but also to provide elegant simplicity. You can create various layouts with these options and they’re module enabled so you can pair multiple ones together to get the size you need. However, you can also choose based on the overall size to have one large pagoda marquee with one peaked roof. Sizes come in 3×3 metres, 6×6 metres, 4.5×4.5 metres and 6×3 metres.

Clearspan options can also come in modules and be used for versatile stage covers. They have a sloped roof and come in more sizes than the pagoda version. For example, you can have 10, 15, six or three metres wide by up to 33 metres long, depend on your needs.

Accessories can also be used, which will create different styles. You can choose from marquee lighting, window walls, glass doors and silk liners, just to name a few.

Durable and Lightweight

Many people choose marquees for hire because they are lightweight but still durable. This means that they are easy to set up and take down, but that they’ll withstand rain, hail and wind. Another benefit is that they won’t damage the ground, so you will still have a beautiful backyard or garden after the event.


Marquees for hire can be placed almost anywhere, but it is still important to ensure that there are no overhead wires or trees or underground cables and pipes. When you hire a marquee from a company, they will come to the venue location before the event and set it up. During this phase, they’ll determine which is the best place for it to go. However, you can always request that it be in a particular spot and they can tell you if that is feasible or not.

Stylish and elegant marquee hire for parties is available for anyone and any size party. Visit Harts Party Hire now to answer a few questions and get an estimate on costs.