Marriage Counsellors: Why Consider Them

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Relationship Counsellor

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If you’re like many, your relationship with your spouse may not be in the best shape. Many married couples find that, over time, life gets a little hard and they don’t communicate well. While some people turn to divorce or other means to feel better, marriage counsellors can help you work through your problems and strengthen your love for each other.

You owe it to yourself and any children in the home to try and work through problems first. You can work through many issues, such as guilt, blame, anger, and more, especially with the right professional.

When considering marriage counsellors, the goal is to choose someone who is impartial for both of you. This may mean meeting multiple professionals and having a one-time session to see how you all mesh together. Everyone wants to be validated and heard, but if the counsellor tends to focus on one partner and not the other, or seems to agree with one all the time, it may not be the best scenario. You need someone who isn’t going to say you’re right or wrong. Instead, you want someone who listens, offers advice and helps you both realise what happened so that it can be fixed.

From 2 to 3 offers couples and relationship counselling to people who have decided to have a baby, or for those who just had a child. Parenthood is stressful and even if you’ve got the perfect relationship right now, bringing a baby into the home changes that. You’ll find that exhaustion and no time leads to bickering. You may not know how to ‘shut off’ after the baby goes to bed or may worry too much. Marriage counsellors can help you work through those problems, strengthening the bond of love and helping you bring a child into a loving home.

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