Noosa Apartments – World Class Accommodation At Best Prices

by | May 25, 2016 | Hotels & Resorts

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Going on holiday is an exciting time, whether you’ve got children or not. Everyone loves to do something different and get away from the regular hustle and bustle of daily life. However, most families and couples prefer something different than hotel-style living. They would rather have apartments at Ocean Breeze Resort Noosa Heads that offer world-class accommodation at the best prices.


Traditionally, hotel rooms are small and have television. You may find a microwave or mini fridge, but that’s it for amenities and facilities. You’re expected to dine at their restaurant or at very restaurants in the area, which can become expensive quickly.

However, when you stay in Noosa apartments, you’ll get spacious rooms, laundry facilities and a kitchen, along with cable television and private courtyard or balcony. You’ll have everything you need to feel comfortable and feel at home, even while you’re away.


You can choose from one, two and three-bedroom units, making it perfect for singles, couples, and families. You can also select from standard and deluxe bedrooms, allowing you to customise your room based on your needs.

For example, all rooms will likely come with air conditioning, ceiling fans, and free WiFi. They’ll also provide kitchens and laundry facilities, but the deluxe version will have a more modern fitout, making it feel more modern and homey.

Some options will also include lounge and dining rooms, as well as private master bedrooms. You will feel right at home in these units and won’t have to spend a fortune to stay there.

Of course, deluxe suites will cost slightly more because they’ll be fitted out to look more modern. Whether you’re looking for something quaint or something more like home, you’ll find it for a decent price. Plus, you’ll get to do all the sightseeing you want, as well.

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