Noosa Wedding Venues – Enter Your New Phase Of Life In A Beautiful Place

Organising a wedding can be tough, especially when you think about all the planning involved. You need to find the perfect dress, ask people to be part of the wedding party, and ensure that you invite everyone. However, another thing you must consider are the venues available in Noosa. They are all beautiful and will help you enter your new phase of life with beauty, serenity, and excitement. People will love attending, and you’ll love the unique aspects.


If you choose a place like Noosa Boathouse, the booking and scheduling process is simplified. Enquiries can be made with a simple form or by emailing/calling the venue. You’ll have to know the approximate headcount, as well as which type of event you want.

Event Options

Noosa wedding venues come in two forms: stand up and sit down stylings. With the stand-up variety, it is more like a cocktail hour, where guests stand and mingle. You’ll still have appetisers and finger foods, as well as alcohol and other beverages. This style works well for afternoons or mornings.

However, if you want the full treatment, you’ll want a sit-down style event. There will be plenty of tables and chairs for everyone, with a specialty table for the wedding party. You can choose buffet-style or waiter features. The buffet-style option may be less expensive and will require people to get up and serve themselves, which can sometimes lead to longer wait times.

Likewise, you can have waiters and waitresses bring out the meals while everyone remains seated, which may cost extra since you’ll require a lot of staff.


Many venues will offer package deals, making it easier to get what you need while saving some money in the process. You can book the location and have a meal plan, as well as beverages and the like.