Reasons To Consider A Security Door

by | Apr 4, 2019 | Screen Store

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Most homeowners realise quickly that they need to protect their home, family, and possessions. While it is important to lock the door before you leave and while at home relaxing and sleeping, most homeowners worry that a lock, even a strong one, isn’t enough. If you feel this way, a security door can be the perfect solution for your home. You can have one installed on the front and back entrance points of the house, and it is designed to be more secure than traditional doors. It is likely to be made of aluminium or steel, and the frame is also aluminium or steel. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that the intruder could bypass the frame itself.

A security door can also add value to the home and look aesthetically pleasing. Most people believe that security means bars on the windows and doorways. While you can opt for that feature if you like the idea of a fortress, security doors can look like any other on the market. No one is even likely to notice that it is designed for security; neighbours aren’t going to wonder why you’re barricading yourself and your possessions inside and are likely to comment that it looks good and matches the overall décor and aesthetic.

SP Screens has a variety of products designed to protect your family and belongings. Options can include plantation shutters, diamond grilles, privacy gates, and a security door. These doors aren’t just designed to keep out intruders. They can also lower energy bills by allowing you to shut off lights and air conditioners while promoting natural sunlight and breezes. It can also act as a deterrent to insects; you don’t have to deal with flies and mosquitoes coming inside the house while you try to stay cool and have natural lighting.

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