Security Screen Doors: Reasons to Install

Keeping your home secure may mean utilising a variety of methods. Most people look for more inexpensive options before they focus on motion-sensing lights, CCTV cameras, or alarm systems. Security screen doors are the perfect alternative for those who want to keep costs low and still protect their homes.

For one, they increase security; the mesh used for the screen doesn’t look much different than what you could buy at a home-improvement shop, but they are designed with the toughest materials to be nearly impenetrable. Plus, they allow you to leave the front door open and catch the breeze while preventing intrusion, as long as you keep the screen door locked.

Security screen doors also help you maintain your privacy. The angle of the mesh ensures that people cannot see inside your home, which means the front door can stay open and people passing by can’t see inside. Plus, the mesh is usually thicker. However, you can still see outside, which means you can check to see who’s asking for entry before letting them in. When you do choose to create energy efficiency by leaving the door open, the screen also acts as a deterrent to insects; they can’t fly inside, which means you don’t have to deal with annoying bugs and their potential diseases.

At CommandeX, they focus on providing a variety of security products because they know homeowners want to feel safe while at home. Security screen doors are the perfect deterrent because you can leave the primary door open, lock the screen door, and enjoy the breeze. While not designed primarily for energy efficiency, you can turn off the air conditioning, let in sunlight, and much more. Their product range also includes privacy gates, window screens, shutters, outdoor blinds, and many more, allowing you to customise your home as you see fit.