Unger: Why They Work Well

by | Jan 16, 2019 | Cleaning Supplies Store

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Most people don’t think much about how often mop heads are placed or how much time employees spend mopping the floor. While it can seem inconsequential in the scheme of things, the time it takes to mop and how often you replace the heads can take a toll on the bottom line. When you’re paying people for an hour to mop, and it takes them much longer, it costs you more to utilise their services. When you replace mop heads multiple times a month or week, you end up spending more on the products and tools to clean homes and businesses. Unger can help you change all that.

Unger is a brand of mops that use colour coding. You can choose the colour of mop and bucket you need for a particular area. For example, red can be for food safety or medical needs while blue can be for back rooms and yellow for public spaces. Along with such, they also have window-cleaning products, such as their cleaning pole systems, though many commercial cleaners haven’t utilised the benefits. However, with such systems, dirty water is whisked away so that no dirty water drops get on furniture, flooring, or carpet.

At Window Cleaning Supplies, they understand how hard it is to clean windows for a living. You may do it as part of other cleaning services or as a standalone business. Regardless, you have to ensure that you do a professional job or else you won’t get called back and won’t get referrals for other clients. Therefore, you need all the help you can get, and Unger products are appropriate for almost anyone. They’ve got a variety of cleaning tools that can help you work smarter rather than harder. With their assortment of mops, squeegees, and other systems, you can clean like the professional you are.

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