6 Shopping Tips to Get You Cocktail-Ready

Shopping for cocktail attire might seem daunting. But it’s not all that different from shopping for regular clothes. If you’re afraid of committing an unforgivable style faux pas, no worries. These suggestions should help you stay out of trouble.

Nothing Too Elaborate

If you want safe choices, pick cocktail pants and tops that don’t stand out much. The style shouldn’t be too elaborate. Plus, simple is good. It helps you blend, and that’s good if you’re not a fan of parties and crowds.

Not Too Simple

Strike a good balance between basic and stylish, though. While you could get away with something simple, your cocktail attire should still be dressier than the clothes you wear to work or church.

Sexy and Short

You could also go for the usual cocktail dresses. Many are short, sexy, and stylish, with special touches. If you can’t seem to pick a colour, go with the little black dress or LBD. BLDs are always party-ready. They’re also ideal for numerous other occasions, so they’re a good option to go for.

Look for Separates

Shopping for separates means you’re buying tops and bottoms that aren’t in a set together. The good thing about separates is that you can easily mix and match them. That’s a clever way to introduce some variety into your wardrobe.

Find What’s Comfy

Whatever the fashion gurus say, though, your comfort and style should be the deciding factor. Even if it looks sensational, if you aren’t comfortable in that dress, pick another one. You might go for something safe and classy or sexy and rogue, but if you’re having fun, those options are more than good enough.


Don’t be afraid to accessorize. The right touches could transform a simple pair of tops and pants into something party-worthy in just a few minutes.