Create A WOW Wall For Health With A Vertical Garden

Installing a vertical garden may seem challenging, but can provide you with a variety of health benefits for everyone in the family. You can use it to bring colour to the area, or as a way to grow your own fruits and vegetables. These gardens are growing in popularity because they’re easy to do if you hire a professional like VertiScape. Likewise, you can save some money because you won’t need to buy the vegetables or fruit you grow and won’t have a ton of wilted greens that stayed too long in the refrigerator.

The Importance

The wall of WOW can be of great significance for all families. For one thing, you’ve got psychological benefits because you always have something to look at instead of graffiti or a boring white wall, you’ve got something beautiful and creative. Likewise, you’ll have that feeling of accomplishment because you did something good for yourself and your family. Likewise, “going green” is a good thing, and what better way to do that than to grow greenery in a vertical garden?

How To Do It

You’ll need the space available, and it may need to be large, depending on the type of garden you want. However, those with little space can still achieve the look and style, as well as a bountiful crop. The area will need to get at least four to six hours of sunshine each day, and you’ll need to water the plants appropriately. You may also need to fertilise the plants periodically, as well.

What Exposure To Vegetation Does

Research has shown that people who are exposed to vegetation can have improved cognitive performances, reduced mental fatigue, reduced stress, more positive moods, more energy and improved focus. Just imagine if every business used a vertical garden and every homeowner did, as well!