Fruit and Veg Delivery Service on the Gold Coast

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Fruit & Vegetable Store

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People have certain expectations when they visit the Gold Coast. Aside from the sun and the sea, the name tends to evoke a feeling of freshness. Therefore whether they are sipping on a cocktail or an energising smoothie, it helps to give them locally sourced fruits and vegetables.

Aside from being fresh, people are often reassured when they know that local companies are delivering the goods to local businesses. It means that the quality is not only high but that it is also benefiting the local economy. Another aspect to consider is vegetarians and vegans, whose plant-based diet depends on this and how good the raw materials used for your dishes will be a consideration for them when choosing places to eat out.

Of course, while people want to be supportive of local businesses, there is still the expectation that what you are delivering has to be good or they won’t come back. This is also true for businesses that wholesalers supply. There is a degree of expectation in terms of how fast and how reliable the service is and it is up to businesses to meet those expectations.

For over six years, FMD Produce has been working hard to meet those expectations, providing local businesses such as cafes, hotels and restaurants with the high quality fruit and veg delivery Gold Coast service that companies expect to see. If you are a local business that is looking to support suppliers in the Gold Coast area then contact FMD Produce to see how their service can benefit you.

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