Healing The Body Through A Juice Cleanse

by | Oct 5, 2016 | Business

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Many people become sceptical of juice cleansing because they’ve heard horror stories about it from friends or they’re worried about harming their bodies. The best news is that you can use a juice cleanse to heal the body if you do so correctly.

Done Wrong

When you do cleansing incorrectly, you’re likely to be angry, sad, irritable or frustrated. Likewise, you may feel lethargic, tired all the time and be hungry or feel hunger pains.

Done Right

You may still experience some of those feelings of anger or irritability, even if you do things correctly. The trouble is that most people stuff their bodies with food and toxic habits to crush the emotions that they genuinely have, so when they start the cleansing process, they’re going to experience those feelings even more.

Therefore, it’s best to prepare your mind and body first. Instead of jumping in right away, set a date and stick to it. It should be at least a week away from now, so you can give your body time to deal with cravings and exclusions from the diet. Likewise, you’ll have plenty of time to buy your juice or set it up for delivery/pick-up from Karmic Cold Pressed Juice.

During the week or so before you start cleansing, make sure to lower the amount of caffeine you drink from coffee or tea. You may also want to start lessening the amount of sugar and gluten/wheat you eat, as well. Make sure you stay hydrated with water and try to keep processed food to a minimum.

Once you start your juice cleanse, you should still eat 1,200 calories a day to prevent the body from going into starvation mode. You want to boost your metabolism, not dampen it down. Consider eating protein and fibre, and remember that the juices will have calories, as well.

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