Multi-Skilled Labour – Empowering The Workforce

by | Oct 4, 2016 | Business

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A multi-skilled worker means that that person has skills or training in at least two areas of business. For example, those in the manufacturing environment may be trained on how to inspect for quality, as well as building the product. Multi-skilled labour can empower the workforce because workers can be moved to wherever they’re required for that day or hour. Many companies prefer to cross-train their employees to get more productivity from them and reduce their labour costs.

More Flexibility

As a company owner, you have to ensure that all the jobs are filled and that everyone has something to do. If you are slow in one department and don’t have enough people to work for another, you could be losing money. The slower department doesn’t have enough work to keep them busy, and the short-handed department is rushing through and may not do the best job.

Decrease Costs

Using multi-skilled labour forces can help you reduce the number of people you need to conduct daily business. You can shift them from one department to the next as necessary, meaning you don’t have to pay people that aren’t working and don’t have to hire new people to handle other tasks.


When you’ve got one employee who can only do one thing, you must ensure that you only schedule them and plan for them to be in that area. If there’s no work available, they get their hours cut, which can lead to frustration. Companies like QX Labour offer multi-skilled staffing options. They’re available when you need them, so you don’t have to take on the challenge of hiring people. Likewise, you’ll be able to schedule them whenever and wherever you need them and can shift them around when one area is hit hard, and the other has nothing to do.

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