Increase Protection with Safety Cabinets

by | Apr 30, 2019 | Environmental Consultant

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Do you want extra security in your warehouses and production areas? Do you want to create a formidable barrier around hazardous chemicals? Then safety cabinets are a special consideration that may be added to your various areas of operation.

They offer a secure storage location for high risk and volatile liquids. They are capable of handling dangerous and corrosive chemicals, and they also provide a perfect way to maintain good environmental protection measures. These cabinets prevent increased risk of damage to all personnel and facilities in areas that may be exposed to fire hazards or possible damage

Safety cabinets are generally available to secure easily ignited or flammable liquids and corrosive chemicals. The flammable cabinets are made from steel, and corrosive substance storage cabinets are made from 100% polyethylene. These act as fire safe storage containers and are usually chemical resistant to spillage. These cabinets can have a variety of safety features, such as electrostatic high gloss powder finishes, dual vents for ventilation, self-closing doors, latching doors, and continuous stainless-steel piano hinges. Furthermore, most cabinetry has adjustable shelf heights to suit your specific needs. All cabinets are fire tested, and they are impervious to fire damage, which can mitigate the risk of extra explosions. These cabinets are recommended for indoor application only.

Ecospill has the widest range of cabinets. They are called DrumSmart cabinets, and they exceed the Australian Standards AS 1940-2004 for flammable safety cabinets, as well as the AS 3780-2008 for corrosive safety cabinets. This ensures that your business does not have to compromise employee safety as DrumSmart cabinets can offer resistance against class eight corrosive substances. These cabinets keep dangerous chemicals right where you need them, which ensures that they are close at hand, yet stored properly and securely. This means your business is able to avoid possible Environment Protection Authority fines and sanctions. If you are searching for additional spill protection, then Ecospill safety cabinets are the perfect option for you.

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