Microblading in Sydney: Why Consider It

by | Oct 17, 2019 | Eyebrow Specialists

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Most people do not have naturally perfect (symmetrical) eyebrows and desire them. You may tend to over-pluck when you get into the bathroom or may have a hair-loss condition that makes your eyebrows grow in patches. Regardless of your reasons, you know that it can be tough to spend every morning highlighting, shading, and creating the right look. Microblading in Sydney can take away all of those issues. Some people claim they have their morning routine of eyebrow filling down to an art. However, it’s always easier and faster to have it on your face already.

Though microblading in Sydney is not cheap, it is semi-permanent and can last up to three years. Of course, this depends on a variety of factors. Just imagine how much money you spend on eyebrow products to fill in your brows each year. You’ve got to have the right brushes, make-up, and all the rest. It’s likely comparable to microblading, so you can end up saving money. The goal of the procedure is to look natural so that you can fill in those sparse and thin areas. This is ideal for people with alopecia or those who have lost hair because of chemotherapy treatments.

Crystal Vongphrachanh offers many services. While she teaches others how to perform microblading in Sydney, she also provides the treatment. Prices usually include a touch-up. Though the procedure doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, some people notice that the eyebrows start fading when it’s nearing the end. Because the touch-up is available, you can strengthen the look without spending full price. Of course, there is some aftercare to consider, but that should only last for a week or so. Then, you can do the things you’d normally do. To learn more about the procedure and what to expect, visit the website at .

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