Sports Massage In Wetherill Park: Benefits

Sports massage in Wetherill Park can have some very advantageous effects for athletes. It is often used before and after performances. Plus, it can be used during training and as a rehabilitative option. Whether you’re a professional athlete or just a recreational exerciser, you can benefit from it. Often, it works by systematically manipulating the body’s soft tissues. There’s a focus on whichever muscles are relevant to your particular sport. You’ll find many techniques and movements associated with the therapy. These include Swedish massages, compression, vibration, stretching, percussion, and massaging the trigger points. All of these things are used to help you achieve the best physical conditioning and performance while reducing your risk of injury.

The benefits of sports massage in Wetherill Park are plentiful. They can include an increased range of motion, more flexibility, and a decrease in muscle tension. You may also notice more flexibility while moving, decreased excitability in the nerves, and fewer muscle spasms. Often, you will also achieve better sleep and more blood flow throughout the body. This means you can recover faster between your workouts and can reduce your risk of hurting yourself. Though it is safe, you might feel that the muscles and joints are stiff for a few days after treatment. This is normal, and ice/heat application can help.

Sometimes, sports massage in Wetherill Park is called myotherapy. Regardless, they are one and the same. The Myotherapists at Paramount Physical Therapy use more massage techniques. This allows them to treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Generally, they focus on manual and trigger point therapy. However, they can also offer heat/cold therapy, dry needling, cupping, and joint mobilisation. This can help you recover from injuries and movement imbalances. You may also get advice on health and fitness to prevent your body from getting hurt again. Visit our website to book your appointment today.