Non-Invasive Skin Care to Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Having wrinkles and fine lines on your face is nothing to be ashamed of – we all grow older and experience these issues, unless we are really lucky! A lot of everyday things can cause the skin to reduce elasticity also, such as sun exposure, the use of cosmetic products and having a poor moisturising routine. While there are over-the-counter creams and products that claim to improve the appearance of skin, these aren’t quite as effective as spa treatment would be. Instead of going under the knife and getting a facelift or having Botox injected into your skin, discover how you can have your skin exfoliated and cleansed with the following non-invasive treatments.

Skin Intensive Facials

One of the most popular choices for individuals who are seeking out some form of non-invasive skin care to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is a skin intensive facial. There are a multitude of facials out there, most of which will massage the skin and improve blood circulation. A more youthful appearance will be noticeable and the mood-enhancing benefits are varied, due to the fact that these facials are usually completed with essential oils and active, natural treatments.

Skin Rehydration Facials

Is your skin in need of some hydration? There are a few signs that the you may need to get non-invasive skin rehydration facials completed, not just to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming but also, to add some suppleness back to the skin. The signs include cracked skin and the feeling of tightness. Usually, lotions such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C will be applied to the skin to replenish its moisture. Make sure medical grade ingredients are used for these facials, especially if you have sensitive skin because chemicals may cause rashes and other side effects.

Microdermabrasion and Hydrabrasion

Two crystal-free forms of non-invasive skin care therapy that might appeal to someone who fancies a trip to a day spa include microdermabrasion and hydrabrasion. Blemishes, congestion and blackheads can cause the skin’s appearance to look uncared for, even if the individual dealing with the problem has a good skin care regime. Imagine if you could use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt in the pores? Although this isn’t a good idea, it is kind of the way in which microdermabrasion and hydrabrasion therapies work. Powerful machines that are operated with a hand piece will be used for this skincare, leaving the patient with the feeling of refreshment.

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