Reasons To Shop At Your Local Butcher

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Business

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As a consumer, you don’t want to pay more hard-earned money than you must just to get the items you need. Many people go to the supermarket weekly, monthly, bi-weekly or daily to get the foods they need, including meat. However, it may be better to go to your local butcher rather than a supermarket for such items.

Quality Vs. Quantity

While you’ll get more meat for your money (quantity), it is not going to be the freshest meat and may have a lot of fatty deposits. Supermarkets can produce such good deals because they use lower-quality meats and offer them at reduced prices. While you may be able to get manager specials (higher quality meats that are about to be past their sell-by date), it’s touch and go and could be harmful.

Likewise, supermarkets may not have organic or grass-fed meats available, which can be healthier and safer for you and your family.


While supermarkets do sell meat for lower prices, you can still get a bargain from your local butcher. They may be more willing to lower prices or give you a deal (such as saving money when buying more or getting a free product with your purchase) because they want to keep you as a customer. Many times, butchers will have blackboard specials, where you can save money on various meats that they have in stock.

Better Services

Places like The Meat Store provide higher quality service to each of their customers. Butchers understand that you can go elsewhere for your meat, so they make sure they go above and beyond when helping you. They can help you choose meat that will pair nicely with a particular wine, or may help you pick something suitable for a party with a lot of guests.

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